Ostrogoto [en]

With our feet grounded on the clouds


When the storm is underway there are those that weather ahead with courage and passion, sustained by the strength of their own ideas. In front of them there is the prospect of a world without exploited or exploiters, without physical cages nor morals, and this freedom is not only desired for themselves but also for all the others that, with their eyes wide open and their feet grounded, realize the daily slavery that grips them. They are anarchists, often vilified and imprisoned; and desire here and now the utopia of a life worth living.
This is the dangerousness that distinguishes them, for which they are persecuted by the State and accused of terrorism. Indomitable, they are not willing to annihilate themselves and their minds in front of the consumption of goods or to live a virtual reality in front of the computer. They pursue communicating, writing and meeting, of revolting against that which they deem intolerable: an ecological devastation, a factory of death, alienating work, prison.
Over the last months State crackdowns against anarchists and rebels have been countless. The most recent ones are in the shadow of the infamous 270 bis “subversive association with the end of subverting the democratic order”. An article that allows the temporary incarceration the undesirables of Power. An article that was used in three different crackdowns: operation “Ardire”, operation “Mangiafuoco”, and the recent operation against the comrades from Trento. The arrested are today twelve, with dozens of comrades under investigation and raided. To this need to be added the repression against some comrades from the no tav movement that are fighting against the ecological devastation in Val Susa and the final and extremely heavy sentence of a few comrades for the facts in Genova 2001. An attempt by the State to decimate those who blow on the fire of rebellion. A warning for all of those who want to put their head up. A demonstration of strength by Dominion, always at war, that considers its enemies all of those who oppose themselves to its plans of exploitation and accumulation.
What remains to do then? There remains the desire to tear down this existent so deadly and unfair. There remains the determination of those who struggle to break the chains of normality that grips the life of everyone. There remain the ideas, a detonator to trigger against the totalitarianism of unified thought. There remain the struggles, that need to be carried on, each one with the means that they deem more congenial. There remains the solidarity for all comrades and rebels.
Everyone free